Utopia Genesis Foundation’s Third Virtual Tour Recap with Fedde Le Grand

On December 3rd, 2020, Utopia Genesis Foundation proudly presented their 3rd virtual tour featuring award-winning DJ, Fedde Le Grand. The open event was co-sponsored by Utopia Genesis Foundation, Bitfinex, and Terrabitcoin. While there is no doubt that music fans patiently await the day concerts and live events commence without barriers again, virtual events like these are a great way to stay entertained and engaged with artists.

An Intimate Music Experience

The 3rd virtual tour gave fans a close-up and personal experience with DJ Fedde Le Grand, in high quality live streamed audio. Throughout the hour-long virtual tour, attendees were able to enjoy excellent views of the show with strategically positioned cameras and an exclusive set featuring many of Fedde’s award-winning hits.

Pushing the Future of Music

The tour was another example of how Utopia Genesis Foundation is working on advancing the music industry into the future by bringing artists and their fans together through new and innovative ways.

The first two virtual tours had panel discussions which allowed viewers to learn more about the music industry and technologies being harnessed to revolutionize it. The fourth virtual tour will be taking place on December 10th, and will feature a live performance from the award-winning Italian production, Meduza.

If you missed out on Fedde Le Grand’s exclusive performance you can still view it on https://fedde.bitfinex.com/

All future tours will be available on: https://music.bitfinex.com

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