Music Tokenization with Genesis Pool

After significant research and planning, we are at the final stages of realizing our latest product, Genesis Pool.

Welcoming across the board genres, catalogs, and artists of various size and profile, Genesis Pool aims to provide funding via our own cryptocurrency, the UOP, for new music projects whereby the content/asset owners can use their back-catalog/future royalties as collateral whilst retaining their copyright.

Funding for the future music projects will be to the value of 500,000USD in our own cryptocurrency, the $UOP token.

Together with our partners, Genesis Pool will be tokenized, meaning artists, labels, songwriters, and catalog owners will be open to investment towards their music rights from fan to institutional level for the first time.

Investors/fans can participate in the tokenized pool by purchasing our own $UOP

token that is representing the music pool/artists.

For all songs that are in the tokenized pool, the foundation will use their product Reach, a visual airplay analytics tool plugged into 9 billion music consumption data points and capable of tracking up to 150,000 radio stations globally.

Reach helps artist teams track their songs, plan their campaigns, check their popularity per territory and how their material performs at various locations/times in a bid to help them increase their fanbase and drive their revenue.

We are opening up a pre-application stage for the artists and copyrights holders to be part of the pool and raise funding for their project. Please fill out the application, we would love to hear from you. Any thoughts, questions etc. feel free to reach us at or Discord for future information.