Music tokenization - how it will change the music industry and why you should care?

  • By tokenizing your music, you keep 100% of the copyright and sell the percentage you wish of your royalty for example be it mechanical, performance or sync.
  • You can open up your catalog from fan to institutional level investment on a global scale, right now typically if somebody wants to invest in music catalogs they need to be within a certain capital bracket as they are not open to just anybody.
  • Given the nature of the blockchain you have full transparency as to what is being paid, when it comes in as well as having instant access to that information and the funds.
  • Automatic splits! So if you have collaborators working on your music, everyone gets paid their share right away from a sale via what’s called a smart contract. So a smart contract is a piece of code that automates the execution of an agreement.
  • Real-time transactions 24/7/365 (via smart contracts).
  • Reduction of intermediaries potentially. (cutting out some of the middlemen)
  • Community building with the fanbase who can invest/share in the success of your future releases.
  • Rewards for the fanbase can be in terms of a % of the royalty returns or other incentives. The % being sold by the artist could be looked at as another form of merch.
  • Exposure to a new type of customer as alternative investments from blockchain natives, are being sought for both their uniqueness, scarcity and creativity all rolled into one and tokenized copyrights potentially tick all those boxes.



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