Hi Utopians, here at Utopia Genesis Foundation we are warming up for our next catalyst sale which will take place in a few weeks from now!

As you may already know, we’re working hard in order to revolutionize the music industry by empowering decentralized ownership of music rights, bringing up transparency, and open collaboration.

In the past few weeks, our unstoppable team launched several products that will help the Foundation to reshape the way the music industry works.

Genesis Pool, Reach, Genesis Arts, and Token Farming are the first products that will help us to change the game.

The UOP tokens will be the Passepartout to enhance all the possibilities that our products will bring.

Below you can find the most important features of our products.

We encourage, in any case, our beloved community to be active and take part to the discussion in the #governance channel on our Discord — (https://discord.gg/VuECPmr84r) on how we can improve our project.

Genesis Pool

Genesis Pool is our application and marketplace for the tokenization of music rights. In simple terms, we will be creating a large pool of music rights that behave as tradable digital assets on the blockchain i.e a stock market for music. Tokenization allows transparency/proof of ownership, investment from fractional to institutional level for the first time, the implication of smart contracts as well as a reduction of intermediaries taking cuts, i.e advantages that barely exist in the present-day industry.

Also when tokenizing music rights we want to deploy all the music rights on the blockchain so there is proof of ownership of that publishing etc. And if it changes hands you just update the song on the blockchain to the new version.

Genesis will support two different investment levels

The first will allow investment into a collective pool of music rights home to individual artists and small to medium catalog owners with the opportunity to buy an available percentage of their repertoire.

The second will be geared towards larger catalogs that will be entitled to their own security token allowing investors to invest in that specific token as opposed to the pool.

Based on the performance of the collective pool, we anticipate an accurate and attractive rate of return for our investors on what is one of the hottest portfolio assets to enter the market.

We can also with this setup make NFTs with music rights/revenue rights attached to it.

When artists are paying revenue rights to the pool they will send to a special compartment the money that they will be exchanging and transferring out through the smart contract to all the holders of that tokenization in $UOP.

All artist payback transfers will be handled through the smart contract to all the token holders of that specific pool in $UOP

For every successful raise, we will burn 2.5% of the total raised value in the storage. This to ensure stability in the token

We are also offering funding through our own cryptocurrency, the $UOP token for artists looking to raise funds for their next music project, and have opened our

Genesis Arts — Music centric NFTs marketplace

Genesis Arts, our music-centric NFTs marketplace was launched to give creators in the greater music ecosystem a dedicated space to sell their NFTs.

We offer customizable sub-domains to keep in line with an artist’s visual branding whilst giving them a dedicated space to sell their digital collectibles. (music, art, videos, etc.)

As well as handling all the heavy lifting on the tech side, i.e deploying smart contracts, minting, admin support as well as a 24–48hrs turnaround, we offer one of the most artist-friendly rates, allowing artists 90% of the primary sale intake and artist depending, complemented by a press campaign from our PR partners.

We accept the currencies WETH (wrapped ethereum), and UOP on the platform

Reach — An airplay tracker that delivers up to 150,000 radio stations worth of song usage for labels, artists, PR agencies, and managers.

Growing on a daily basis, the vast amount of music consumption data we have access to inspired us to create a useful tool for the artist/labels/managers and PR firms within the music and marketing industries.

Reach, is our analytics tool application that aims to provide the following:

  1. Fast and easy extraction of airplay data for a label/artist/managers/PR.

2. Visualization of data to provide insights about how a certain song/artist is performing in real-time, whilst tracking the history of performance globally.

3.Capture genres as they start to gain momentum.

4. Help A&R depts located the next big talent by seeing their catalog performance.

5. Create awareness of territories that may be untapped for touring.

6. Anticipate the production/design of merch based on an artist’s popularity in a region.

7. Build region-specific PR campaigns around an artist/song’s popularity whilst being aware of which regions may need extra PR.

8. Apply filters to carry out specific data studies.

Upon completion of the project, Reach users will be able to set up an account as an artist or as a label. They will be able to follow the desired artists and keep them notified about their performance.

All tracking carries a cost of service. People who pay with $UOP will get a 20% discount on all services.
Every quarter depending on how many API calls it has been made for Reach we will burn 40% of that in $UOP for 2 years.

Token Farming

Until Genesis Pool is running and completed to 100 %, our own staking/farming will not be completed because it’s referring to the DAO, until then however it’s possible to be a liquidity provider on Sushiswap. The APY there can vary depending on how many people are participating as liquidity providers and farmers in the pool.
We will have one million UOP tokens for people to farm for a minimum of six months.



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